Saturday, 18 June 2011

Some Changes

Our wonderful roof in action:)

The weather has been less than favourable this Spring but more farmers are beginning to return to the Market. Spring and early summer has always been a dynamic time of year on the Market floor. Many Saturdays this coming season we are fortunate to have available Pavilion 20. The Market is capable of expanding to accommodate the return of farmers without fully displacing all the vendors that keep the Market vibrant over the winter.

A few of our storefronts have seen change in the last two weeks. Julien's Bakery has moved to the North Mezzanine. That Dutchman's Cheese Shop can be found next to Noggins Corner Farm at the south end of the building. Riverview Herbs is right in the middle of everything at centre court.Get Away Farm is now settling in to That Dutchman's vacated storefront space and in a short time will be operating a butcher shop.

Thousand Hills Farm has decided to focus on his Yarmouth business and will not be returning to Market. His fresh poultry product will be available at Get Away Farm.Elmridge Farm, Waldegrave Farm, and Farmhouse Foods are all here this weekend, June 18th Meguma Green, a farm from Upper Granville, will be arriving at Market this coming Wednesday.More farms are returning to Market in the next few weeks.

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