Friday, 30 December 2011

12 Terrific Resolutions for 2012!

1. Take your bicycle out of the shed. Use it more this year. If you don't have a bicycle, how about popping by I HeartBikes on the waterfront and renting one for an afternoon or take a drive out to Tantallon, visit the Bike and Bean, rent a bicycle and hit the the rails to trails track along the South Shore.

2. Eat your greens! All kinds... and while you are at it, eat yellow and orange and red and blue! The more colourful your diet the healthier you will be!

Have vegetables with a homemade low-fat dip for a snack.
Add extra veggies to casseroles, stews and soups.
Keep a bowl of apples, bananas and/or oranges on the table.
Have a side salad with a variety of leafy greens every day.
Bake with raisin, date or prune puree to reduce fat and increase fiber.
Add lettuce, onions, peppers, cukes and/or tomatoes to sandwiches.
Order veggie toppings on your pizza.
Enjoy fruit smoothies for breakfast or snacks.
Pack fresh or dried fruits for quick snacks.
Keep cleaned fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, ready for action.

3. Buy LOCAL! Purchase seasonal and local fruits and vegetables. Keep your money in your own community! As tempting as it might be to have strawberries in January, they have been imported halfway around the world at great environmental cost. Reasearch what is naturally grown in this area and you'll also rediscover the pleasure of meals changing with the seasons! Talk to your farmers at the market.

4. Spend more time outside! So many reasons to do so! Enjoy fresh air, local parks and gardens. Come visit our rooftop and soak up some harbour views. Your soul will thank you!

5. Stop sitting so much!!!! Scary new data!

6. Don't forget the little things. Switch your light bulbs, look for products made from recycled materials, buy energy efficient electronics and appliances, go paperless, conserve heat and water ( lower your thermostat and put on a sweater, turn off the tap when brushing your teeth)

5. If you are a meat eater, purchase happy meat. Animals that are free range, grass fed and antibiotic free. Better for them, better for you.

6. Get more Omega 3 into your diet! So many reasons why. Salmon is an excellent choice and flax seed too.

7. Stop stressing and start breathing! Breathe deeply for five minutes a day. To do it, stand or sit in quietly, close your eyes, and simply notice your breath, without attempting to modify it. Then try this:
Breathing through your nose,take a deep breath,as low into the belly as you can, pause,then exhale fully, pausing again. Make each inhale and exhale last for five counts. Do it five times. Eventually, work up to 10, 20, or even 30 breaths. Feel better?

8. Stay in touch with friends and family! Reconnect. They keep us grounded. Why not make plans to meet at the market? Have a bite to eat and catch up. xoxox

9. Take care of your teeth!
Your body will thank you. Good for more than just a pretty smile.

10. Volunteer!
Somewhere, there is an organization or person that needs YOUR help!

11. Learn something new. How to program the remote control, raise chickens, plant an herb garden, play harmonica! it is up to you:) You can start here.

12. Stop.... and.... smell.... the.... salty air! Life goes by altogether too quicky! Before we know it it will be time for 2013 thoughts. Have a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous year!

Photos: Shelagh Duffett


  1. These are all so wonderful! But, I must disagree with this suggestion;

    "Have vegetables with low-fat dip for a snack."

    Low-fat products are often jam packed with chemicals and preservatives that no one should be consuming!

    Choose full-fat locally made products - and make your own dip at home. Moderation will ALWAYS treat your body better than low-fat anything.

    Happy New Year!

    Kristine Elliott

  2. I make my own low fat chemicals in that! I didn't assume they meant to buy it :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. All great suggestions and so easy to keep. My favorites being... eat & support local fare... veggies, meat, fish, fruit... and local artisan goodies too.

    Happy & Healthy 2012